Intelligent Safety Solutions

Safety interventions are often unfairly viewed as an obstacle to business success, INTEPRO can not only help you achieve a positive sustainable step change in your safety performance, but also show how safety can be used as a vehicle for overall business improvement!

Health and Safety Consulting in Birmingham, West Midlands

Many consulting companies offer compliance audits that rate the client’s Safety Capability on the completion of a legal requirements and industry good practice checklists, only addressing the part of the iceberg above the waterline. A good audit result often leaves the client with a false sense of security around its ability to protect its workforce from harm.


An INTEPRO Safety Status Diagnostic is very different. We look to reconcile the effectiveness of the primary drivers that are essential to creating Zero Harm: Organisational Leadership and Employee Engagement.

Safe Culture Program & Risk Management Consultancy in Birmingham

Meeting your legal obligations and having Safety Management Systems in place will only take you part way on the journey to eliminating accidents in the workplace.


True Zero Harm can only be achieved on an ongoing basis if the people in the organisation are constantly safety aware and the workplace environment is continually engineered to be safer.


INTEPRO offers clients Safety Culture Change programs that integrate proven behavioural safety techniques with unique lean safety tools and improvement processes, tailored with the user in mind to ensure sustainable change.

Safely Management Systems Development in Birmingham, West Midlands

The threat of corporate manslaughter, the costs of fines and compensation when things go wrong or hopefully the desire and basic instinct to preserve the health and security of fellow man – any one or all of these are likely to be drivers for an organisation to implement Safety Management Systems.


Having the right robust safety management systems is essential. Unfortunately, poor interpretation of legislation and misguided external support often leads companies to waste money and time implementing over elaborate systems.


INTEPRO believe in ‘Basic is Best’. If it’s simple, it’s more likely to work. If the system is created with the user in mind, it will be used!


By developing new or modifying existing systems and procedures, we can help you ensure your business achieves a level of consistency and ultimately realise Zero Harm.

Leading Safely

Successful safety interventions rely on the drive and determination of the organisations leadership. Balancing the key business objectives whilst ensuring the safety of employees is paramount! Our Safety Leadership training and coaching is an essential ingredient to ensuring step change is achieved in safety performance without detriment to other key business metrics.

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