Intelligent Business Solutions

INTEPRO offer clients a broad selection of business services that are essential ingredients to achieving business excellence.

Business Intelligence Consultants & Training in Birmingham, West Midlands

Having the best products and services and even the best processes and people to deliver them will not guarantee success in the increasingly competitive global market placeExcellence can only be achieved if business leaders and managers are able to leverage the full capability of all their employees and understand how to keep them constantly motivated to continually improve.


INEPRO offer customised leadership training and coaching packages, to suit all levels of organisational leadership, giving proven results.

Business Solutions & Business Strategy Development in Birmingham

Enterprises without strategic direction may achieve success but are unlikely to achieve full potential in the most efficient way! Often leaders are too close to their business to appreciate environmental opportunities & threats, or are preoccupied with tackling the short term issues to take the long term view. INTEPRO will not tell you how to run your business, but will help you open your mind to alternative options in forming your business strategy. Our facilitation and planning sessions have helped client s develop robust strategic roadmaps to achieve long term success.

Employee Assessment Centres

In these tough economic times and with restricted ability for employers to rid themselves of under-performing employees, recruiting the right staff is essential for ongoing business success. INTEPRO offers bespoke recruitment assessment centres, tailored and developed to the specific needs of the client and the roles within their organisations. From Sales staff to Engineers to Managers or Administrators, the centres can be used to recruit new staff and assess existing staff for internal promotion or current role capability and training needs.

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