Intelligent Process Solutions

INTEPRO can help you revolutionise your everyday business processes!

Business Intelligence Consulting & Operational Training in Birmingham

Many companies are unable to access the significant benefits that are available through introducing Lean and Six Sigma into their organisations, often due to the high training and implementation costs.


INTEPRO recognise and actively promote a common sense approach to the application of these powerful business transformation methodologies. We advocate that 80% of the benefits on offer are available by understanding and applying only 20% of the tools and techniques. Our flexibly delivered training packages can be used to launch real business projects and develop internal staff to transform the way you do business.

Management Systems Development & Integration in Birmingham, West Midlands

Often the bureaucracy and high implementation costs associated with certified management systems such as ISO, BRC, OHSAS, HACCP etc, can be off putting to organisations with limited resource, with many of the benefits of the standards seemingly too long term.


At INTEPRO, we firmly believe that the success of any of these systems depends heavily on a streamlined, seamless introduction, with ongoing levels of simplicity that ensures the content becomes daily habit and not just an annual ritual to satisfy standards assessors.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Do you want to achieve operational excellence without incurring the extortionate costs normally associated with enlisting external help?


Using Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques, INTEPRO can help you streamline and transform your business processes, delivering significant cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and superior quality levels.

If you would like to explore how we can help you achieve operational excellence by applying business performance improvement tools and techniques, call us on +44 (0)121 249 3724 or +44(0)778 527 0406 or email